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Meet Team Fezzy

Making Magic Real



Job - Magical Fox

Fezzy has been a magical fox for about one year. Before that he was an adventurer. He is brave and listens to others. To find magic, he follows his heart. He is currently busy on a new adventure. He will tell you all about it when it's done.



Job - Writes Things

Faye is a magical human who is lucky enough to know Fezzy. Because Fezzy is a fox, and cannot write, Faye wrote his story down for him so you could see it. Faye writes lots of things when she isn't in the forest with Fezzy.



Job - Draws Things

Fezzy is a great dancer, but not the best at drawing. When Faye was writing down Fezzy's adventures she thought it might be nice to have pictures too. She asked Astrid to draw them. Faye, Astrid and Fezzy became good friends.

Our Team: Our Team

Fezzy Friend Leaders

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Girl with Yellow Sweater

Faye Livesey

Los Angeles Lead

Jillian Sommerfeld

Chicago Lead

Kristine Berube

Boston Lead

Jesse Neimus

Site Administrator

Our Team: Our Team


Founder Faye The Fairy wants you to join us...

Faye loves nothing more than to engage little minds with magic, mindful play and the chance to develop the next generation into kind, resilient, socially conscious leaders. She is looking for other like minded people to join the growing Fun with Fezzy Team. 

If you are a parent or caregiver with a passion for play based learning then you may want to lead a Fun with Fezzy program in your area. We provide full training online via zoom and you set your own class times. 

If you are a certified meditation or yoga teacher you may want to lead a Fezzy The Magical Fox Super Hero Training. If you are not a certified kids meditation teacher but would like to be, we offer a 20 hour online formal certification. 

Our Team: Welcome
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