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Play Days: News & Updates

5 Elements of Play Days

Every week we do this...

Begin with Fezzy The Magical Fox Story Time.
Create space for magic in our bodies with meditation.
Prepare our bodies to find magic with stretching and movement (Yoga).
Find magic during our practical play activity. 
Celebrate and reflect up on the magic we found during our snack time ritual.

Play Days: Welcome
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The Lessons

Each season of Play Days is 8 weeks, and so, we cover 8 lessons per season.

When you sign up for The Fun with Fezzy Play Days, you will be emailed a full curriculum overview, specific to that season. Every season has a new overall theme, and Fezzy The Magical Fox™ book. Each season ends with the award of a magic crest, which bears the name of the skill earned that season for children to proudly wear. Individual sessions have a color coded play theme associated with the emotional intelligence skill being developed.

Play Days: Welcome

Fun with Fezzy Play Days

Where Magic Thrives, Happiness Resides

Here at Fezzy The Magical Fox™ we believe that the magic of childhood never needs to be lost when we grow older. Rather, we can take that magic, and amplify it ten fold, turning it in to something amazing in our real lives; genuine happiness. The trick is too see magic in everyday things, and the amplification, is The Fun with Fezzy Play Days Series. 

Fezzy The Magical Fox™ was written as a magical resource for a very down to earth workshop. We take the wonder children naturally see in the world, and amplify it. This organically grew, and turned into the Fun with Fezzy Play Days Series and a book empire! 


Family Dispute

Because by the time we are adults, we have often forgotten about magic. But what if, as adults, we are able to remember how to find contentment in simple things? If that were the case, we would most certainly still be able to self generate happiness and therefore, self regulate life success.


Children Playing

That's what we do during the 'Fun with Fezzy Play Days'. We develop magic into something tangible, something practically useful in life, and all while having fun. We learn through play, and we do it in a completely wholistic way, incorporating development for mind, body, and spirit.


Family Fun

We keep one very clear end outcome in focus; HAPPINESS. And we built our entire curriculum around it. Over each 8 week Play Days season, we blend many developmental skills, and cultivate behaviors that promote a balanced sense of wellbeing for children, and adults for that matter!

Play Days: News & Updates

Now step into the forest of possibility

Be a Guiding Light for your Child

You are the ultimate leader for your little people, so show them the magic of happiness.

Here at 'Fun with Fezzy Play Days' we are ready to make this easy. Our five step weekly journey creates a comfortable, safe and stable foundation for development. We then use this foundation as a springboard, and each week the play days progress through a carefully crafted curriculum, designed to engage on many levels. We tackle important skills such as empathy, self awareness, problem solving and decision making. We learn how to move our bodies, yet find stillness in breath, and we pause to reflect and be grateful. It is wonderful, in the real essence of the word WONDER. 

Play Days: About

Next Steps

Experience this wonder, and become a guiding light in play! Your local Fezzy Friend Leader will create a safe and structured play environment, invite you, and your little one(s) to find magic in a developmental manner, and then demonstrate how to back off while still being fully engaged and supportive to our 'Brave Adventurers'.


Sign up for a Fun with Fezzy Play Days Series near you TODAY. Or fill out our contact form so your local Fezzy Friend Leader knows to reach out and share more information.

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