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Magic for Little Cubs

If your little one is younger than 3, and so, not yet ready for our Fun With Fezzy Play Days. 
Do not fear, Fezzy Cubs Club is here.

Specially created for our mini magic seekers 1-3 years. We understand they may not yet be ready to join the big kids, but they are ready to play in the great outdoors, and expend some of that boundless energy, ready for a nice big nap time!

*Children develop at different rates. Some children may want to stick with Cubs Club until they are 4, and we honor that. 

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Cubs Club: Welcome
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The Fezzy Cubs Club is an 8 week series, that repeats 4 times per year, just like The Fun with Fezzy Play Days. 

We meet once a week in a local green space for story time, dance and singing. Your Fezzy Cubs Club leader will guide the fun. 

Fezzy Cubs Club is available in the same locations as The Fun with Fezzy Play Days. Sessions are 40 minutes long and run either directly before or directly after Play Days. 

Cost for the 8 week series is $110. 20% Discount available for those with an older sibling signed up to Play Days. 

Cubs Club: Welcome


Book your spot on The Fezzy Cubs Club Series. If you have an older sibling signed up to The Fun with Fezzy Play Days Series already then email us on to receive your 20% off code.

Cubs Club: About
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