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Faye wrote Fezzy for all children to enjoy. She is a is a human girl not a Fox, but just like Fezzy she is a magical creature. She likes to write stories, play in the ocean & think about things quietly. She also likes chocolate. She will write more stories for you if you are good! 

Here is a poem about her life...

Once upon a time, in a land far away... A little girl was born and her parents named her Faye.

She was warm and fun, like a lovely ray of sun... as well as brilliant and kind, a real treasure to find. 

But as we all know, children get boring when they grow... And sure as night turns to day, becoming a grown up got in her way. 

She worked really hard in her job everyday... It wasn't what she loved, but she got great pay. 

Then one day she figured something out... Money is not what life should be all about..

She packed up her bags and got on a flight... She went so far away, it took her all night.

In this new land there was fun to be found... She was so happy to have it a second time around. 

From that day forward, Faye had vowed... She would think like a kid and always be proud. 

Now she writes books about magic and fun... Her life is so happy living under the sun. 

Faye E Livesey

Authors Biography

Faye is a real life adventurer turned children's author and behavioral leadership coach.

She has been on pretty impressive journey herself collecting certifications, experience and recommendations which truly sets her children's behavioral leadership consultancy apart from the rest. 

Fezzy Fox was written as a learning resource with the Extraordinary Child Workshop Series always in mind. 

Just like many great children's authors Faye got her leadership start as a British Army Officer and was trained at the world renowned Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (yes where Princes William and Harry also both attended). 

The character Twiglet the Piglet actually proceeded Fezzy and all his friends. He was dreamt up during an operational tour of duty in Afghanistan. Faye had been sent a knitted piglet in a care package for morale. As a commander it is important to hold respect and discipline but a good leader does this though trust and motivation. There are many ways to make this happen. Twiglet, you may say was the beginning of Faye's behavioral leadership journey. She photographed the Piglet in all manner of precarious and at times dangerous situations and described operational missions in light hearted, fairytale language and then sent the Adventures of Twiglet the Piglet to her soldiers in E-Blueys (Electronic Mail). Some may suggest I was a weak leader to do such a fanciful thing. Army officers are supposed to be shouty and strict are they not? NO they are not. Army Officers are supposed to command well. Sometimes that means being strict and setting clear boundaries but sometimes it means reaching your people in a different way, one that touches their heart. Makes them laugh or cry. That is the epitome of true leadership. For when you have their hearts you motivate them from their internal power centre - Their emotions. Money cant do that, nor can shouting. That is pretty important if you need to ask your people to place themselves in harms way for a job. So The Adventures of Twiglet the Piglet went down a storm and i was 'that boss with the funny stories about the missions she goes on." Did this humanize me to my soldiers? Yes. Did this make them laugh? Sometimes. Did it make them see I knew exactly what they were going through because I was too? Absolutely. 

A little while later, on reflection, I  realized I had tapped into something powerful. The ability to target my own communication and actions to get the best from others. Harnessing their full potential. This realization came when I learned I had been making an assumptive error for years. I thought that everyone had innately good interpersonal skills. Once I grasped it was in fact more intuitive and some people are better than others at it, I began to observe it. Great leaders were those who harnessed this power well, I could see it all around me, in all walks of life. It intrigued me greatly. I went on a mission to understand it and put a name to it. In my search I stumbled across the answer, or a large part of it at least. Emotional intelligence, thats the name of it. It was be innate or learned behavior and it does lead to happier, more successful people due to better due to better interpersonal and problem solving skills. It was like a light bulb had been turned on. I became certified in it, a natural progression. I then spent a few years coaching adults in it. Executive types right through to college kids. I loved it and I was good at it. Teaching something pink and fluffy which is slightly intangible at first which is best served up by a regimented and outcome driven Ex Army Officer I find - People like balance.

I thought I had cracked it, the formula for life success in all things was balanced emotional intelligence. But I started  to notice it really didn't account for everything. Some people don't want to be good communicators, in fact some people down right want to cause problems. That age old adage, no matter what you do you cannot please everyone. So what was the answer. I turned my sights to meditation and mindfulness. After all it is trendy these days! But seriously, it has been around for centuries in many different forms across many different cultures, religious and geographical locations. It has been named different names but they all amount to the same thing. A way to have control over how the outer world (and the people in it) effect our own emotions and ability to be successful. Wow thats powerful right. Why isn't this being bottled up and sold? Well it is,  just not very well! No-one has done a decent marketing job on it yet. I'm  no marketeer either, I'm just telling you my story! 

So what if we put those things together? Good emotional intelligence skills with mindfulness? Winning combo I suspected. So thats what I did and people love it. 

Then I got to thinking, how on earth do I communicate all of this to my little boy? They dont teach these skills in school, thats for sure and I want him to be good at them effortlessly. How could I make that happen. The more I pondered this the easier it seemed. All of these skills start small anyway, and then you build on them. They are simple and with practice and experience they become complex. I would start at the beginning with adults at the simple end and build on it with coaching. Thats how children learn too. So I put pen to paper (yep old school) and I wrote a story about the most important points of both emotional intelligence and mindfulness through meditation all rolled into a fun adventure story with cute relatable characters. Fezzy Fox was born and is much more than just 7 bedtime stories. So investigate this website, use the learning resources and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. My Extraordinary Child Workshop Series vehicle for success you are looking for, consider attending one in person or online. 


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